Custom Fitted Ottobock Genu Direxa Knee Brace w/ Rigid Hinge, (RIGHT) (8356)


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The Genu Direxa is designed to provide moderate stability of the knee joint without affecting or limiting the joints movement. It is made up of innovative tritech material with narrow rigid aluminum splints and polycentric joints. This brace creates optimum fit for any leg shape with a high level of wearer comfort. Elastic straps are also included for optional use.


– Imrpoves Neuromuscular Function with Targeted Compression
– Relives and Stabilizes the Knee
– Improves Proprioception
– Supports Sensorimotor Function
– Promotes Reductions of Oedemas and Haematomas


– Knee Pain with Mild to Moderate Ligament Laxity and/or Mild to Moderate Feeling of Instability
– Posttraumatic and Postoperative Instability and/or Feeling of Instability
– Osteoarthritis of the Knee with Initial to Moderate Degenerative Ligament Instability and/or Slight to Moderate Feeling of Instability
– Rheumatoid Arthritis
– Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome



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